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physical therapist helping male patient

Injuries are never any fun to deal with. Even less so when you’re worried about getting the right treatment and care for your injury. When considering your physical therapy options you may want to consider sports physical therapy for the best treatment of your athletic injuries. Due to the largely sedentary lifestyle we tend to live in the day to day, engaging in high strain activities (sports), even for the highly active, is such a change in the body’s normal state that injuries can easily occur. In these cases you should highly consider a sports physical therapist.



So what is sports physical therapy? It is physical therapy for injuries associated with athletics for prolonged health problems brought on by participating in athletic or sporting activities. This branch of physical therapy deals specifically with rehab for sustained sport injuries. Sports physical therapists have specialty certification for helping you recover from these specific injuries.



For some sport-related injuries, a general practitioner or a general physical therapy clinic can get you the help you need. In order to get the best care for more severe injuries, it’s important to see a sports physical therapist. Some common injuries that sports physical therapists will treat include ACL injuries, knee injuries, concussions, Achilles tendon tears, osteoarthritis, or any swelling and stiffness in the joints caused by playing a sport. If you have any of these injuries, or any similar injuries, consider sports physical therapy.



Like the road to recovery for most severe injuries, physical therapy will be used to help you recover. The physical therapy you receive will be specified to your situation, taking into consideration the sport-related cause of the injury.

Hydrotherapy is another treatment that can often accompany these types of injuries as it takes away strain while still allowing your muscles to rebuild and heal. This is often used in joint-related injuries and in cases where even the smallest tasks of standing or walking can be quite painful.


Whatever your road to recovery may be, from yoga to manual therapy, sports physical therapy could be the exact treatment you need in your situation. For a walk-in appointment and to determine your best treatment option, visit our website or give us a call at 1-877-MY DOC NOW (693-6266). We are excited to be a positive part of your road to recovery.




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