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What is an Urgent Care Center? The Advantages Explained for Patients in Mission Viejo, CA

Urgent Care Center Mission Viejo CAIf you’re curious about what differentiates an urgent care center, a primary care center, and an emergency room, you’re not alone. Many people in Mission Viejo, CA, and virtually everywhere are a little unsure about what medical provider they should see in certain situations. To help you make an easy decision the next time you’re feeling under the weather, here’s a brief explanation of all three:

  • Primary care center: This sort of medical practice can treat a wide variety of non-life-threatening conditions, and is usually the first stop once symptoms are noticed. It is ideal for patients with chronic conditions that require regular, continual care. Appointments are required, and unfortunately, many primary care centers are booked days or weeks in advance. Also, most of these centers in Mission Viejo, CA, are only open during regular business hours.
  • Urgent care center – Never requiring appointments, this type of center offers a convenient and affordable way to receive prompt medical care for a variety of acute, non-life-threatening conditions, such as sinus infections, allergy symptoms, urinary tract infections, stomach bugs, broken bones, and more. Many are open late and on the weekends. It is best to visit an urgent care clinic that is fully staffed with experienced physicians rather than advanced practice clinicians.
  • Emergency room – Typically connected to a hospital, emergency rooms are appropriate for patients with life-threatening medical conditions. If you or someone around you is bleeding heavily, having trouble breathing, experiencing sudden changes in vision or behavior, violently or persistently vomiting, feeling severe chest pain, or has lost consciousness, please call 911 or visit the nearest emergency room.

If your medical concern can be treated at an urgent care center, choose Marque Urgent Care in Mission Viejo, CA. All of our patients are seen by experienced physicians, and we are among a very small percentage of clinics nationwide to be certified by the Urgent Care Association of America. Stop by at your convenience; we are open 7 days a week and never require appointments.




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  • I’ve seen many patients this year with an ongoing cough. It is not unusual for a viral respiratory infection to cause a cough that lasts for up to 2 weeks. One thing to consider- we are in the middle of a very unusual allergy season. https://www.marquemedical.com/why-wont-this-cough-go-away-by-woodrow-wilson-m-d-2/

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