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Sports Concussion Physicians in Newport Beach, CA

Sports Concussion Newport Beach CAThe potential dangers of sports concussions are becoming increasingly well-known as movies, documentaries, and news stories are shedding light on the effects of traumatic brain injuries. At Marque Urgent Care in Newport Beach, California, we believe that with the right education, kids and teens can enjoy their favorite sports without the fear of concussions. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the community to form HeadStrong, a first-of-its-kind initiative to educate local athletic programs on concussion prevention and offer a more efficient method of specialized care if these injuries occur.

Marque Urgent Care’s HeadStrong program exists to provide:

  • Education – Our HeadStrong physicians and professionals visit local athletic programs to educate athletic directors, coaches, and players about sports concussions and ways to prevent them.
  • Evaluation – If an athlete has sustained a blow to the head, a HeadStrong physician at Marque Urgent Care in Newport Beach, CA, will promptly evaluate him or her using baseline testing and the SCAT 3 tool – a trusted standardized test to quickly assess cognitive function.
  • Treatment – HeadStrong physicians care for injured athletes throughout the recovery process, ensuring that the patient receives ample rest and medicine to cope with any uncomfortable systems, like headaches and sleeping troubles. Our physicians will sign necessary paperwork to allow patients to return to sports when the time is right, and can refer patients to a neurologist in the event that additional treatment is necessary.

In addition to thorough care for sports concussions, Marque Urgent Care in Newport Beach, CA provides immediate treatment for a variety of non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries, from the common cold to broken bones. Visit us today to receive the prompt, quality health care you deserve.




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