Optimum Health with Marque HealthStar

Marque HealthStar starts at only $49 per month and is a physician-directed weight loss, nutrition, and exercise program unlike anything else out there. The program was developed by a Marque Physician, Dr. Sean Penwell, a leading authority on digital health and preventive medicine. Dr. Penwell has spent years developing a program that actually works by providing an innovative solution that allows for ultra-personalized fitness tips and recommendations.

- Reach Fitness Goals Faster

- Proactively Prevent Disease

- Achieve Optimal Health

This innovative precision health program uses lab data and biomarkers to deliver ultra-personalized plans focused on keeping people healthy. Get physician-based guidance to actively manage your own health. Marque HealthStar is coming September 1st. If you'd like more information or to sign up on our wait list, please click here: info@marquemedical.com

Marque HealthStar is unique because it goes well beyond traditional nutrition and weight-loss programs. It provides evidence-based medical recommendations that are individually tailored to you based on your goals, laboratory data, and biomarkers which are measurable indicators of possible disease or physiological conditions. Unlike other medically-guided wellness programs that are expensive, dull, and never-ending, Marque HealthStar combines physician medical guidance with interactive progress reporting, exciting videos and content, and support forums to help support your progress and encourage results fast. It’s high-tech and hi-touch. And at plans ranging from $49-$99 per month, it’s one of the most affordable things you can do to optimize your health.

The great thing about Marque HealthStar is that it only requires a one-time fee of $79 to get going. We will provide you with a comprehensive lab panel which is reviewed by a physician, a consultation with one of our doctors, and a detailed 6-month plan structure that is specifically tailored to you that will include weight loss and fitness plans, nutrition management recommendations, and key tracking indicators that provide clear and achievable goals. And because our approach to wellness starts with a Marque physician, you can be assured our program is designed with medically sound recommendations for safe and long-lasting results based on your specific physiological makeup. If you are not seeing the results you want, you can cancel at any time.

Marque is not only about treating people when they are sick, but now with Marque Healthstar we are making and keeping people healthy.

Get healthy and prevent disease before it strikes! Sign up now to be added to the wait list for Marque Healthstar. info@marquemedical.com