Specialized Services

Marque occupational medical services may include but not limited to:
Reserve specific appointment times for pre-employment examinations

Conduct pre-employment DOT and non-DOT drug screen testing in compliance with DOT regulations

Reserve specific appointment times for fitness and duty physical examinations

Reserve specific appointment times for assessment and treatment of employees’ work related injuries/illnesses, including physical therapy, providing treatment to employees as part of the company’s approved medical provider network (MPN)

Provide medical reports and invoices for payment within the time frames established in the California Code of Regulations, Title 8

Reference indicated class specification when performing pre-employment, fitness for duty, Americans with Disabilities Act and other related physical examinations

Provide detailed work restrictions when returning injured employees to work with limitations

Provide immunizations at employer’s work

Work closely with the employer to return the employee to full or light duty assignment at the earlies appropriate time after a work-related injury