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Allergies are no fun at any age! Luckily, Marque Urgent Care can help you detect allergies so you may better avoid and treat them.

Scratch Test 

We test for  intolerance or sensitivities with a scratch test. The test takes about 20 to 30 minutes and consists of applying diluted extracts of various allergens to an area on the back or arm. One of our highly qualified medical professionals will administer the test. The extract takes about 15 minutes to react with your skin. If there is a reaction, the size and width of the hive is recorded. The size and swelling of your hives will indicate how allergic you are to a specific allergen.  The test can be extremely itchy, but with these results you will have a better understanding of your allergies and you can proceed forward with a treatment plan.

Three of the most common methods for dealing with allergies are avoidance, medication, and immunotherapy.

  • Avoidance : Avoidance isn’t always practical, especially if you are allergic to dust, mold and pollen.
  • Medications: Medications such as decongestants and antihistamines can help control some of your allergies. At Marque Urgent Care we distribute prescriptions right from our clinics so you do not need to go to an off-site pharmacy after your visit.
  • Immunotherapy: Consequently, immunotherapy is the next option. There are two ways immunotherapy can be administered: injection once a week for three years or by a drop under the tongue every day for three years. Immunotherapy can be better for some due to how it works in your body. A very weak dilution of the allergens is either injected or ingested into the body and gradually build up in strength until you have a maintenance dose that you will continue over time. This will help the immune system to decrease production of IgE antibodies (what causes the allergic reaction) and help stimulate the production of IgG which is a blocking antibody.

If you suffer from allergies and are seeking relief, it may be a good idea to come to one of our clinics and ask about getting a scratch test. When you determine what exactly your allergies are, you’ll be able to look at options for the best way to control them.  Wishing you freedom from those miserable allergy days! Schedule an appointment today!





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