A person with a single, isolated concussion generally has a very good recovery outcome with few short and long-term effects. However, people who have had multiple concussions may not only suffer from short term effects, but are more at risk of causing permanent brain damage. Concussions are known to be cumulative; meaning each time someone has a concussion your brain is more susceptible of getting another one in the future. This is why it’s important to treat a concussion thoroughly and to do all necessary protocols and precautions before returning to a normal routine. Rest is the best way to recover from a concussion. Once a person suffers a brain injury, you need to rest your body and brain in order for it to heal.
what to expect from a marque visit:
  • Education for the family and the patient
  • Establishment of a pattern of follow up care that helps the patient return to school, work, and physical activity
  • Upon discharge, a detailed discharge sum- mary will be given to all interested parties
  • Completed return to learn and play forms will be sent to the patient's care provider, the school, and sports organizations.
  • Documents that can be shared with specialists, athletic trainers, coaches, teachers, employers, and other important people in the patient's life.
  • Care plans for school, sports, and work