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male doctor testing female patient for concussion

Note: If you or someone you know has received a hard impact to the head, or received an impact to the body which caused the head to move violently, it is always a good idea to be evaluated by a medical professional, even if you aren’t sure whether or not it has resulted in a concussion. Only trained medical professionals can determine for sure.


After a hard hit to the head, people often begin to wonder whether or not they should go see a doctor. It doesn’t always take an extremely hard hit to cause a concussion in the brain; many people who suffer a concussion never even go unconscious. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Here are the main symptoms you can look for when assessing the likelihood that you or someone else has sustained a concussion, in which case should definitely go see a doctor:


Loss of Consciousness

The brain can suffer a concussion without the individual losing consciousness. But if they do lose consciousness, they almost certainly have suffered a concussion and should be taken to receive medical attention right away.


Disorientation or Confusion

A concussion-causing impact on the brain will often result in impaired mental function. A quick evaluation of a person’s basic function can be assessed by asking them simple questions, such as: “Where are we?” or “ Do you know what happened to you?” If the individual is unable to accurately respond to these kinds of questions, or seems confused about what is happening, they likely have suffered a concussion.


Loss of Memory

Along with the general disorientation and confusion, memory loss regarding recent events is a normal concussion symptom. If a person is unable to accurately remember details such as “Who scored the last point?”, “Who drove us here?”, or “What were we going to do after this?” after receiving a blow to the head, they are likely concussed and should be treated by a medical professional right away.


Physical Symptoms

Symptoms such as nausea, headache, trouble balancing, and dilated pupils after a head impact are physical symptoms of concussions, which can accompany impaired mental function. Any of these symptoms observed in someone who has hit their head is indicative of a concussion and will require careful medical care.

Head injuries are among the most serious the human body can receive, and are quite common in athletic activity. The better you know the symptoms to look for, the sooner you can get yourself or another person in for the professional care they need. Marque Urgent Care strongly encourages the use of appropriate head protection while participating in athletic and recreational activities. But when the bumps and bruises happen, we are here for your expert care.


See our HeadStrong page for more information on concussions, and our concussion management treatment at Marque Urgent Care.





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