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July 12, 2017

Workers’​ Compensation Claims Continuing to be a Burr Under Your Saddle? We Have the Solution!

Employers: We can help reduce your workers’ compensation incidents and related costs by 20% – 47%! We are proud to announce our partnership with Safety Solutions […]
July 12, 2017

Physical Ability Testing by Catherine Moon

Marque Medical now offers Physical Ability Testing to all our Employer clients.  Physical Abilities Tests or otherwise known as “PATs” are comprehensive evaluations of the patient’s […]
June 30, 2017

Medical Marijuana- Should You Drug Test? By Cathy Moon

When it comes to concerns about medical marijuana, the question we often hear is “to drug test or not to drug test?” This is a question […]
June 28, 2017

Skin Care and Sunscreen by Jennifer Mead, LVN

Do you work outdoors?  Regardless of whether your job is outside or not, it is important to know how to properly protect yourself from the damaging […]