Health Center

July 20, 2017

Skin Cancer- Know the Signs by Lauren Mitchell

Skin cancer is the abnormal growth of skin cells, often developing on areas of the skin frequently exposed to the sun. Skin cancer is the most […]
July 17, 2017

Medical Imaging by Your Marque Team

Diagnostic imaging, also known as medical imaging, is a very common method using radiation to generate images of the internal structure of the body.  This helps […]
July 17, 2017

What is Dry and Secondary Drowning? By Your Marque Team

Dry and secondary drowning are two different respiratory conditions that can occur after accidentally inhaling water. Due to reduced lung size and capacities, children are much […]
July 17, 2017
sting ray on the ocean floor

Stingray Stings by Cathy Cumberland, M.D.

Well it is still time for surf, sand, sun, and… Stingrays! Our southern beaches are home for thousands of Round Rays. Seal Beach itself has more […]