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November 6, 2012

The Best Non-Organic Produce by Jessica Sticht

The cost of food is going up and not everyone can afford to buy organic all the time.  If you are worried about pesticides on your […]
October 31, 2012

Acute Gastroenteritis (Stomach Flu) by Richard Zhen Lu, M.D.

  Within the past several weeks, we have noticed increased number of patients coming to our clinic with acute gastroenteritis, which is also commonly known as […]
October 30, 2012

Health Tips for the Elderly by K. Verdugo

We are living longer and we need to keep ourselves in good health physically and mentally as we age.  Marque Urgent Care takes pride in providing […]
October 23, 2012

Urinary Tract Infections by Nathan Kiskila, MD

  Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are a common cause of urgent care visits throughout this country. 10% of women over 18 years of age report at […]