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October 23, 2014

What’s Up Doc? by Cameron Barnhart

As Bugs Bunny once taught all of us, carrots are essential to our health. Research has stated that too many carrots may actually be bad news. […]
October 20, 2014
woman in yoga pose near ocean

The Healing Power of Yoga by Carlie Jones

  Yoga is an ancient eastern practice that has grown increasingly popular here in the west-and for good reason. There is an overwhelming amount of scientific […]
October 15, 2014

Myths About Diabetes by Jessica Mills

There are many misconceptions regarding diabetes that people have come to believe are true.  Listed below are some of the most common myths associated with the […]
October 9, 2014

How to Prevent a Heart Attack (Or Not) by David G. Porzio, M.D., FACC

I often see a patient who requests that I…“check out his/her heart…. because I don’t want to have a heart attack”.  Well I am here to […]