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Meet Our HeadStrong Leaders



HeadStrong Program Director and Marque Medical Director

Board Certification: Internal Medicine- Cardiovascular Diseases
Undergraduate: California State University Long Beach, CA 1990
Medical School: University of California, Irvine, CA 1994
Internship: Harbor-UCLA/St. Mary Medical Center, CA 1995
Residency: University of Massachusetts Medical Center, MA 1998
Fellowship: University of Massachusetts Medical Center, MA 2001

Dr. Porzio and Concussion Management

As a father of 3 sons, my family and I live a very active lifestyle.  I have seen concussions happen from various sports over the years.  I know the impact that a concussion has on a family’s life.  As a Marque physician, I have seen and treated many concussions and I feel strongly about giving our patients the best treatment and management possible. We launched the HeadStrong program as a robust, community-based approach to offering one of the finest concussion programs available. It is my intention to keep our community safe, healthy, and back in the game and honored to lead such a fine team of physicians.



Board Certification: Family Practice
Undergraduate: University of California, Davis 1998
Medical School: University Autonoma of Guadalajara
2003 Internship: NY Medical College
Saint Vincent’s Hospital Midtown, 2005
Residency: University of Louisville, 2009

Dr. Kiskila and Concussion Management

As a family practitioner, I have seen and treated many concussions over my years practicing. It’s an injury that is common, yet the general medical approach to concussion management has been fragmented at best. I became personally interested in comprehensive concussion management because I had elderly family members who sustained concussions as a result of a fall. It led me to work with Dr. Porzio and develop a comprehensive approach to concussion evaluation and treatment, one that I feel did not exist in our community to a great extent. I believe that the success of recovery largely hinges on the quality of treatment and clear, precise recovery instructions. As a Marque HeadStrong physician, I can assure that my patients are in great hands and will be given an exceptional medical experience.



Undergraduate: University of Massachusetts, Boston 1973
Medical School; Boston University School Of Medicine 1977
Post Doctoral: General Surgery 1982
Residency: University of California Irvine, Medical Center 1982

Dr. Eaves and Concussion Management

I served with over a 25 year career as a Medical Corps Officer in both Active and Reserve Officer status in the US Army. I have treated hundreds of concussed soldiers over my years of practice. Concussions require expert medical care to ensure that everything is properly done to promote a full recovery. I see and evaluate many traumatic brain injuries as a Marque physician, and I feel that our approach to evaluating, treating, and communicating with our patients is second to none. I live and work in the community that I serve, and it’s a privilege to be involved with the HeadStrong concussion program. The Marque physicians are all dedicated, caring individuals and we are here to make a difference in our community.





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