• Undergraduate: University of Massachusetts, Boston 1973
  • Medical School; Boston University School Of Medicine 1977
  • Post Doctoral: General Surgery 1982
  • Residency: University of California Irvine, Medical Center 1982
Fun Facts

I am a Medical Corps Officer USAR: Some of my fondest memories are about the men and women I served with over a 25 year career as a Medical Corps Officer in both Active and Reserve Officer status in the US Army. Being a Hospital Commander responsible for 700 men and woman, my mission was to ensure each soldier was well trained and equipped to excel at any task at home or in combat.

Best travel place was Algiers Algeria. The cultural differences were few and the similarities many. A people looking to improve the way of life for themselves and their children.

Running: Old habits die hard. I still jog instead of running to maintain physical fitness.
Leisure I love reading. My book collection is very eclectic from Scientific journals to Science Fiction. Reading allows me to look beyond the mundane, envision many possibilities, and select a path that leads me to my goals.

I enjoy playing with my grandson and teaching him how to be a good person and team player. I enjoy spending time with family and friends discussing world events and the current political climate. I enjoy reading especially military history and educational social literature. I love listening to jazz and have a fantastic collection of vinyl. I also enjoy spending time by myself learning more about who I am and how I fit in a world that is constantly changing. My goal is always to be a better version of myself.

My passion in medicine is surgery. It is my first love because it allows me to positively influence health outcomes proactively. I believe in a holistic approach to medicine. Healing is not just giving medications. It is also about understanding the totality of the patients I care for. Many non-medical factors contribute to the healing or non-healing process. You need to listen fully to what your patient’s complaint is both the verbal and non-verbal to provide the appropriate treatment.

What I would like to do, in the near future, is to provide facial cosmetic medicine/treatment to my patients. Many individuals want to look a little younger, take the edge off their chronic tired look, to feel rejuvenated. Facial aesthetics can make this happen.

Why do I enjoy practicing at Marque? The staff! I work with a fantastic group of professional people who believe as I do - provide the best care to all the patients we treat.