Antibody tests can detect antibodies that developed as a result of an exposure to COVID-19. We offer COVID-19 antibody testing at all Marque facilities. You do not need a referral to get an antibody test. Feel free to make a reservation at a Marque clinic to shorten possible wait time or walk-in during normal business hours.

It is important to remember that COVID-19 antibody testing should not be used to determine or validate the effectiveness of a COVID-19 vaccine. It should also not be used alone to confirm a diagnosis of a current infection. Patients who test positive for antibodies should continue to be vigilant about following CDC guidelines to prevent COVID-19 infection including social distancing, wearing masks/face coverings in public, and all patients regardless of immune status should receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Types of Antibody Tests at Marque

Rapid Antibody IgM/IgG*
– Finger stick
– 5-15 minute processing time with same-day results
– Tests are $50
– Not submitted to insurance
*FDA Authorized under EUA. Biohit SARS-Cov 2 IgM/IgG Antibody Test


Lab-Sent Serum IgM/IgG AntibodyTest
– Blood draw
– 1-5 days reporting of results depending on outside lab volume
– Tests are $120
– Not submitted to insurance


How Accurate are Marque’s Rapid Antibody Tests?

Our rapid antibody tests are from a reputable company called Biohit. They have submitted their application to the FDA and have an EUA (Emergency Use Authorization). This means that the product has passed the FDA evidence of effectiveness test and is accurate. FDA approval takes a long time and the virus has only been with us since the beginning of the year. That is why there are very few FDA approved antibody tests as of now and they are issuing EUAs to allow products to be distributed if it meets their guidelines. The sensitivity of our rapid IgM and IgG antibody test is 97.5%, and the specificity is 99.5% in clinical studies.  We have been running the rapid tests in parallel with our lab tests and we are reporting the same level of accuracy.

If your test results are positive, you may have developed antibodies from the COVID-19 vaccine or from a previous infection with the virus. Negative results mean that you were not infected in the past.

Even if you test positive for antibodies, you should continue to follow CDC guidance regarding social distancing, frequent hand washing and wear a mask to protect yourself and others.

Positive results do not mean that you’re completely protected against contracting COVID-19 in the future.

The test cannot determine whether or not you can spread the virus to others. It should not be used for diagnostic purposes or to confirm immunity.


Please visit our COVID-19 Frequently Asked page.

We also offer COVID tests for current infection. For More Information visit our COVID-19 Testing Information page.