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Youth football coach adjusting player's helmet

As a parent, it is in your absolute best interest to protect your little one from harm. You love watching your child playing hard on the basketball court and the football field, winning all kinds of awards.

But in the blink of an eye your child can end up on the ground with a dangerous concussion that threatens their life and livelihood. What are you supposed to do when that happens?


Concussion Treatment Program

Here at Marque Medical, we are an urgent care center with multiple locations in California. Each location offers our “Marque Headstrong” concussion treatment program to help your child get back to playing the sports they love and performing well in school.

The program is focused on offering the best physicians and resources in the business to provide exceptional concussion recovery services. We can help your child get back to living an everyday life.


Best Physicians

At Marque Medical, we are experts in concussions and provide top quality doctors to help your children make a quick recovery from his or her concussion.

Dr. David G. Porzio, M.D. serves as the medical director for Marque Headstrong concussion program and has nearly two decades of knowledge and expertise both in witnessing and treating concussions.

Dr. Porzio leads our team of concussion specialists. Our Headstrong physicians also provide years of experience in concussion treatment.

So whether you are paired with Dr. Porzio or one our other experts, you can be assured that you will be in good hands.


A Wealth of Resources

Not only do we have some of the best doctors, but we also pride ourselves in the resources we have to offer to help cure a concussion. From videos to a comprehensive list of website links, we have all the resources you will ever need to help your child make a full recovery.

Our website also provides information to help you identify the symptoms of a concussion, common complaints of a concussion, and other problems that can result from a concussion.

Check out our evaluation page to see which tests your child should receive in order to make a full recovery. You can also see a quick list of myths and facts of concussions.


Call or Come In Today

If you think your child has a concussion or is experiencing symptoms of a concussion, call us today at 1-877-MY DOC NOW (693-6266). You can also come visit us at our main location in Aliso Viejo or one of our other locations.


26831 Aliso Creek Road, Suite 200 (above the Bank of America)

Aliso Viejo, CA 92656




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