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Good quality sleep is vital for your immune system and overall well-being. It is extremely challenging to successfully take on a full day of work when you are sleep deprived.  Disturbed sleep or chronic insomnia can leave you feeling moody, feeling foggy during th... read more

Back pain is one of the most common reasons employees visit a doctor, whether it is for lower back problems or neck pain.  Over 90% of the population will hurt their back or neck at some point in their life, usually while doing daily routine activities at work.  ... read more

Do you want to perform better at work and home?  Would you like to sleep well, feel energized, focused, and alert during the day?  All this can be achieved by healthy eating. A good diet can make a all difference in your life and it’s possible to feel like ... read more

Did you know that back or neck pain can be a result of poor posture?  Posture is the way carry our body.  When we sit, stand, drive, or even sleep with improper alignment, pressure is placed onto our discs, ligaments, joints, and eventually can impair the spinal ... read more

I’ve been gluten-free for over ten years. I always learned how to pack my own gluten-free lunches, snacks and dinners.  It wasn’t until after college, when I got a full-time job, where I learned how important packing your lunch and snacks really were. Growing ... read more

What is Computer Eye Strain? Computer Eye Syndrome, also known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), is defined as a bundle of eye and vision related problems that occur as a direct result of extended computer use.  It’s estimated that more than 10 million opto... read more

Awe the holidays. The time of year where you’re pulled in a million directions all at once. It’s easy to become exhausted and stressed out trying to do it all. It’s inevitable to avoid stress, especially during this time of year. Whether it’s family, money... read more

Workout at work? Why not! It’s easy to get caught up in our jobs that we sometimes forget to do the little things to help us meet our daily fitness goals. Breaking up the day with some 5-minute energy-boosting exercises will enhance your mood and give you that af... read more

Keeping our bodies healthy is an important task that improves our everyday lifestyle. Since so much of our time is spent working—weather it is at a desk for eight hours or doing activities outside—we are exposed to more people and, in turn, more bacteria and vi... read more

Why is sleep important? Sleep is vital in the healing and repair of our heart and blood vessels, our memory, regulating our moods, reducing stress and our overall physical health. There are  many variables that prevent us from getting the sleep that our bodies nee... read more

People today juggle multiple duties and many are constantly balancing between busy careers, family, and health.  They tend to care for their children and/or spouse before attending to their own needs. Many may not realize that a lack of exercise will negatively im... read more