Dancing, while a beautiful and expressive performance art, can easily lead to injuries if one is not careful. As a dedicated dancer for four years in high school, I can say confidently that prevention is preferable over the long and painful process of recovery. The... read more

Exercise is not a new fad, it has been around for decades to help you not only look great physically, but also improve your mental state. In recent years, exercise has become increasingly popular.  There are so many ways to get fit – not only is there new st... read more

Exercise is an important thing to do, right?  It’s fair to say that most of us would probably agree that we want to exercise, but the problem we run into is finding the free time in our hectic lives.  Yes, it can be challenging to juggle a busy schedule that co... read more

Summer is here. It is the perfect time to enjoy all sorts of fun sports. People of all ages tend to increase their activity.  If they participate in games, sometimes it can get a little competitive. Unfortunately, it is also a time in which we see an increase in s... read more

Cold showers can be unpleasant, but just like many other things in life that are good for you, they are not necessarily enjoyable.  Recently I have been discovering the benefits of taking cold showers. Why? Cold showers have health benefits.  So far, I’ve done ... read more

An acromioclavicular joint separation commonly known as an AC separation, occurs when the collar bone (clavicle) separates from the shoulder blade (scapula). This injury occurs more frequently in men than women (5:1 ratio) who play contact sports (i.e. football, ... read more

The sole of the foot is what is referred to as the plantar area. Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation to the plantar fascia ligament.  It is an injury causing micro-tears to the ligament as it attaches to the heel bone or other areas of tightness on the sole of th... read more

What is Osgood Schlatter disease? This disease is inflammation of the area just below the knee, where the tendon from the kneecap, or patellar tendon, attaches to the shinbone (tibia). Osgood Schlatter occurs most commonly in growing adolescents, when growth spurts... read more

Question– Dr. Kiskila, what is physical therapy? Answer- Physical therapy is rehabilitation to help restore your health and strength, alleviate pain and learn about your condition. Question- What happens during my first physical therapy visit? Answer- The phy... read more

If you are engaging in strenuous activity or fall and suddenly you feel a sharp pain that doesn’t go away in your wrist, ankle, knee, or finger, this pain could be a sprain. “A sprain is a stretching or tearing of ligaments — the tough bands of fibrous tissue... read more

The meniscus is a piece of cartilage that provides a cushion between your thighbone (femur) and shinbone (tibia). There are two menisci in each knee joint. They can be damaged or torn during activities that put pressure on or rotate the knee joint. What is a ... read more